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H/Hr Appreciation Forum

Things keep getting interesting...

H/Hr Appreciation Forum

Things keep getting interesting...

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Haven Nathan "Is that so?"
the mods have apparently decided to allow a temp thread (or so I'm lead to believe) but not withoug a parting statement from the lovely (note sarcasm) Geri.

For everyone to read: Because of recent actions that have been brought to my attention, this is YET another reminder to follow the rules of this forum, especially numbers 1 & 2. Moderators are seriously tired of coming into topics to post a comment reminding members to behave themselves, stay on topic & to follow the rules.

So now that you have read the above, know that going forward any member who decides to disregards our rules are gone from the site, no debate, they are gone (time to be determined) & I don’t care how long they have been a member or how many points they have. Frankly the moderators are tired of the constant infighting & disrespected showed to other members between the major 'ship' topics & if pushed we will remove those topics & they will be gone forever & not allowed to be recreated!

For members who frequent this topic, it will be your responsibility to notify either Weesa (Weesa@hpana.com); myself (geri@hpana.com) or any other moderator, of members who break the rules with a link to the offending comment(s), instead of complaining days, weeks or months later that the moderators didn’t do anything – this benefits you as well. The moderators can’t be everywhere all the time & it is appreciated if we are given a little help instead of pointing fingers after the fact as that doesn’t help matters in the least, and certainly emailing moderators after the fact & accusing them via name calling will not be tolerated, period.

Remember these rules aren’t new, but are being enforced because of the lack of respect given to others on this site and the mere fact that we now have enough moderators to help doing this.

Note that this comment has also been added to the other 'ship' topic and remember that no moderator on this site favors one ‘ship’ over the other, regardless of what you perceive.

If you have any questions about this comment you can email me directly at geri@hpana.com as no questions will be answered in this topic as they are irrelevant to the topic title.

so she expects us to tattle on one another? What are we three years old!?!?!? *headdesk* I figured I'd update those of you who are boycotting HPANA (not that I'm going to post there. I'm just watching the enemy if you will :D)

Oh and as a side note, madscientist (the freaking brilliant author on Portkey and LJ) found out recently that some idiot is posting Darkness Before Dawn on FF.net and getting away with it. I'll link to the posts. The first one and the second one
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