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Interesting theory I came across...

H/Hr Appreciation Forum

Interesting theory I came across...

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Haven Nathan "Is that so?"
Barnes & Noble has a forum (never knew until today myself!) and this thread was on it.

Clues for Books 6 and 7 in POA and I thought it was another way to look at the movie besides being a "hotbed of R/Hr". *rolls eyes and laughs* Basically it points out moments in POA that I, myself, haven't thought of as being clues (and no none of them are R/Hr, so it's safe) I'll put a brief list of the 'clues' for those who can't go there right now.

1. When Prof. Lupin is talkting to Harry on the bridge, he mentions Harry having his mother's eyes, (a common occurrence in the series which JKR said will play a big part later,) and te talks about how he know Lily and how she was there for him at a time no one else was...

2. After Harry and Hermione rescue Sirius from the tower, he tells Harry those who love him will always be in his heart

3. It might be when they are in care of magical creatures and malfoy says dememtors... and crabbe goyle and malfot put up their black hoods like death eaters.

4. Remember in the special features interview as well that Curon states he was going to do something near a cemetery at the school but JKR asked him not to do it. I think this was in reference to DD dying and his being the only grave there (at least MM says no other headmaster is buried there).

5. There is one occurrence that struck me. When Lupin turns into a werewolf, Snape steps protectively in front of the children.

6. Snape steppping in front of the kids is also another thing. JKR states somewhere in an interview (might have been in the special features) that Curon put that in there unknowing how it was connected to future books.

So what do y'all think?

Oh and should I post this at HPANA? Has anyone actually been back there yet? I've looked in occasionally, but never posted. At last check we were at page 6. yeah, 6. *sigh*
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