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Skipped Back 10

July 4th, 2006

(no subject)



This is a good time to remember those who have fallen for this great country, past and present....including my 19 year old cousin who died in Iraq serving his country. I salute you Jeremy Tamburello!

July 3rd, 2006

Odd ball comments

Ok, girls and (presumably some) guys!

The posting famine has ceased! The flood gates are open! It's time to start posting!

Did I mention I love H/Hr or how much I love H/Hr shippers? We are awesome people with lots of perseverance, loyalty and pride! I really think that we would all be Gryffindors if we were in Hogwarts!


July 2nd, 2006

(no subject)

I agree!!! I was waiting since I was the last that had posted. We need to come here more often and just talk!!!!

I miss my peeps!!!

H/Hr- Because there are too many Weasley's already!

June 26th, 2006


All right, wise guys! What's the meaning of this? Nearly a whole month of no posting? That's just wrong! *shakes head*

I'm just putting the bug in your ears to let you know that there is a Harmony convention that will be occurring sometime in the near distant future. I have no dates, not much info, or anything, but just to let you know...it's out there!

Here's the LJ that's sponsoring it:


There's no info up yet, but it should be following shortly (and there are lots of links to ficlets)


May 28th, 2006

(no subject)

Hello people! How is every one of you fine H/Hr shippers doing lately?
Everyone enjoying that extra day off for Memorial Day?

*moment of silence for those who have fallen for our great country*

(listening to Dune covers)

I love all of you.....we all know H/Hr is deal love and if Jo can't see that, well...too bad for her! Harmony always in our Hearts!


May 24th, 2006

(no subject)

Haven Nathan "Is that so?"
Hey y'all, it's me again. *waves* I'm posting for two reasons: 1) No one's posted in almost a month; and 2) I'm advertising a community here on LJ. It's called Hogwarts in Harmony, and it's exactly that. Take classes (especially Care of Magical Creatures after June 1), participate in the house cup, post fanfiction and fanart in the library, get sorted...Take care of magical creatures after June 1 *hint hint* The link is here.

May 15th, 2006

(no subject)

Yup, that place sucks...I'm afraid to post if it isn't totally about H/Hr.

Anyways, good that you are quitting your job, if it makes you happy. I start a new job tonight, so I'll be working 2 now, instead of just 1...crap.

I think we should just transition off elsewhere. Again, TV is a relatively quiet place, and there are no trolls!


I agree Tanya

Hey Tanya and everyone else!

I totally agree. Kira and I were talking about how your OoTP question got deleted. She noticed right away and told me she checked it against her emails and it wasn't there anymore. They are being way to harsh because you didn't even know what had happened and you were naturally asking proper questions. That mod that emailed you, I hate him the most. Then I hate Geri second after that because they are H/Hr haters to the extreme!

I like psting there but it's becoming so ridiculous, it's like they are purposely trying to push us off that site. And it's only like 2 mods that actually care if we stay on topic all the time. Gez, nazsim much?

Anyway, I hope everyone has a good week because my started off horribly! I hate my job and I am going to quite because I have a college degree now I can get paid butt loads more than I am making now and be treated much better!!

I love all of you and H/Hr!

Howdy Tan here, strange member name i have this (its the ingredients from JK's website and the potion part).

Anywho like ive just said on hpana i got an email from the mod heres what was said


Hi Tanya,

Today we had to remove a number of your posts in the H/Hr thread for
off topic. We recently had to lock the topic for members being way off
topic. the reason for this is as follows:

On Tuesday May 8. 2006, I had to delete over 120 posts(in a row for the
post) for being off topic. Over 80 of these post were Photos of Keanu
and David Hasselhoff, some of which were a bit inappropriate for a
site. Members of this tread have been warned many times in the past to
on topic, and one last warning was issued.

Members on this thread were not able to stay on topic for even 24 hour.
next day there were about 12 post off topic in a row again(over ½ a
Note: a short "H/Hr Rocks" at the end of a long post does not make it on
topic. Also some of the off topic post thought that it was funny that I
to delete all of those post, the day before.

Even though we said the that if it happened again, the topic would be
deleted, we decided to lock it for 72 hours instead. The deleting of a
ship is not something that we really want to do, if we can help it. When
was reopened some new rules were posted about staying on topic, that
are expected to follow.

These rules were put in place To keep the H/Hr from being deleted please
follow them.

The majority of the post, in this thread must stay on topic. We know
some visiting and
"off-topic" comments cannot be helped. This is OK as long as the
majority of
the post itself is on
topic. To be on topic it must truly add to the discussion. A short H/Hr
slogan at the end of a
long "off topic" post does not count. Each time there are more than 10
"off-topic" posts on a
page the topic will be locked for 72 hours. Any member who blatantly
continues to
post off-topic comments in this thread will have their account

It is suggested that members of this thread appoint a few members whose
it is to remind
people to stay on topic. Other groups have done this and it has worked
for them. If a
person refuses to stay on topic after being warned, then thread members
should report them
to the moderators. This will prevent the thread from being locked again
heaven forbid deleted


A.K.A. Sir J.Wallis E.
HPANA - Moderator


I know for a fact that there were no where near 80 odd posts about Keanu or david hasselhoff (infact ive stayed off the hoff this time round), they are just being over the top. And then on HPANA when another mod came in and said about the slogans (that they can't be our HHR talk as the majority of the post has to be HHR related), i mean COME OFF IT THATS WHAT THE RHR SHIPPERS DO!!! but nooooo they get special treatment. I might not even bother with our thread much longer if the mods are drumming all excitement off the threads. Look at whats happened, if you want to talk to your fellow harmonians/friends about ANYTHING you can't obviously do it on a thread where the majority of them will be, no we can't do that, we have to post a completely different site altogether,its ridiculous.

And as for them deleting my posts last night, for fricks sake if i talk about HHR anymore i'll be a broken record and i hate repeating myself,so i talked about OOTP and Ian brown (Harry potter related) but thats not good enough.


sorry for ranting.

May 13th, 2006

(no subject)

I love the new layout, it looks fab! Well done Kir! Okay, we need more peeps here so spread the word peeps!!!! I love H/Hr!

H/Hr- Because Jo loves twists!
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