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H/Hr Appreciation Forum

No rules, no limits, just right

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Here, we can talk about anything and everything, not necessarily H/Hr, just whatever passes our fancy. Granted we won't reach that famous 400 page, not at least to get a new thread, but we won't have rules as strict and off as HPANA who has now decided that we were 'off topic' *rolls eyes*

Hogwarts in Harmony Sorting Community; the next best thing to the wizarding world! (mind y'all, I'm teaching Care of Magical Creatures there, and it'd be nice to have more than 4 students in the entire class...*hint*...*hint*)

I don't know who made the banner we're using, *sheepish* I found it in my HP fanart folder... but if you know who did, comment at my journal magickira and let me know so I can credit them with the wonderful work!