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H/Hr Appreciation Forum

No rules, no limits, just right

H/Hr Appreciation Forum



July 9th, 2007

Why, just why?

Hi guys Tanya here. Its been a while since anyone posted here and i really wanted to say this on hpana but knowing my luck the mods would only delete it then punish me. So anyway i wanted to say that i was reading the paper on saturday and i came across this harry potter section and 'cause i love all stuff harry potter i decided to read it. It basically was a piece about who benefits from the Phenomenom and it had dan radcliffe earning £20 and the publishers and JK rowlings Manager....THEN...to my horror i saw Emerson Spatz and Melissa Agnelli who were supposedly earning a reported 6 figure sum from the websites, i was like "NOOOOO". I'll go and look for the article and post it here for you to read. Be prepared though it had both their images...

Anywho For now cheerio. Roll on book 7.

February 9th, 2007

Well, I'm sure atleast one person has seen the new pics taht are rolling out: one of Draco and another of Neville. That's really exciting, but where are the Harry and Hermione ones? We already have one where Hermione's hand is in Harry's pocket (foreshadowing, anyone? :) ), but when will we get the big flagship one (we get one a movie...I swear?).

Now that the book is coming out, I'm still really positive that we will get an h/hr bone thrown to us. H/Hr may not get together, but they will defintely have more tension...oh forget it-They'll get it together by the last page (if Harry isn't blown to smithereens).

What about you guys? Does MK have an opinion in this matter?


February 1st, 2007

In case y'all haven't heard, Deathly Hallows is to be released on July 21, 2007 at midnight in all English speaking countries!!!!! Anyone else planning on being at their local bookstore party at midnight?

*echos* anyone else here besides me, myself, and I to share the news with?

January 31st, 2007

Barnes & Noble has a forum (never knew until today myself!) and this thread was on it.

Clues for Books 6 and 7 in POA and I thought it was another way to look at the movie besides being a "hotbed of R/Hr". *rolls eyes and laughs* Basically it points out moments in POA that I, myself, haven't thought of as being clues (and no none of them are R/Hr, so it's safe) I'll put a brief list of the 'clues' for those who can't go there right now.

1. When Prof. Lupin is talkting to Harry on the bridge, he mentions Harry having his mother's eyes, (a common occurrence in the series which JKR said will play a big part later,) and te talks about how he know Lily and how she was there for him at a time no one else was...

2. After Harry and Hermione rescue Sirius from the tower, he tells Harry those who love him will always be in his heart

3. It might be when they are in care of magical creatures and malfoy says dememtors... and crabbe goyle and malfot put up their black hoods like death eaters.

4. Remember in the special features interview as well that Curon states he was going to do something near a cemetery at the school but JKR asked him not to do it. I think this was in reference to DD dying and his being the only grave there (at least MM says no other headmaster is buried there).

5. There is one occurrence that struck me. When Lupin turns into a werewolf, Snape steps protectively in front of the children.

6. Snape steppping in front of the kids is also another thing. JKR states somewhere in an interview (might have been in the special features) that Curon put that in there unknowing how it was connected to future books.

So what do y'all think?

Oh and should I post this at HPANA? Has anyone actually been back there yet? I've looked in occasionally, but never posted. At last check we were at page 6. yeah, 6. *sigh*

January 15th, 2007

Well, it's nice to see people *cough*MK*cough* posting here again...what a dry spell!! Atleast I can occasionally keep up with all of you here!

I know this isn't H/Hr related, but I thought you all might enjoy this:

DL: Knock, knock!

Joshie: Who's there?

DL: Boo!

Joshie: Boo Who?

DL: Don't cry! It's only a joke! (MWAhAHAHAHAHAHA!)


January 10th, 2007

the mods have apparently decided to allow a temp thread (or so I'm lead to believe) but not withoug a parting statement from the lovely (note sarcasm) Geri.

For everyone to read: Because of recent actions that have been brought to my attention, this is YET another reminder to follow the rules of this forum, especially numbers 1 & 2. Moderators are seriously tired of coming into topics to post a comment reminding members to behave themselves, stay on topic & to follow the rules.

So now that you have read the above, know that going forward any member who decides to disregards our rules are gone from the site, no debate, they are gone (time to be determined) & I don’t care how long they have been a member or how many points they have. Frankly the moderators are tired of the constant infighting & disrespected showed to other members between the major 'ship' topics & if pushed we will remove those topics & they will be gone forever & not allowed to be recreated!

For members who frequent this topic, it will be your responsibility to notify either Weesa (Weesa@hpana.com); myself (geri@hpana.com) or any other moderator, of members who break the rules with a link to the offending comment(s), instead of complaining days, weeks or months later that the moderators didn’t do anything – this benefits you as well. The moderators can’t be everywhere all the time & it is appreciated if we are given a little help instead of pointing fingers after the fact as that doesn’t help matters in the least, and certainly emailing moderators after the fact & accusing them via name calling will not be tolerated, period.

Remember these rules aren’t new, but are being enforced because of the lack of respect given to others on this site and the mere fact that we now have enough moderators to help doing this.

Note that this comment has also been added to the other 'ship' topic and remember that no moderator on this site favors one ‘ship’ over the other, regardless of what you perceive.

If you have any questions about this comment you can email me directly at geri@hpana.com as no questions will be answered in this topic as they are irrelevant to the topic title.

so she expects us to tattle on one another? What are we three years old!?!?!? *headdesk* I figured I'd update those of you who are boycotting HPANA (not that I'm going to post there. I'm just watching the enemy if you will :D)

Oh and as a side note, madscientist (the freaking brilliant author on Portkey and LJ) found out recently that some idiot is posting Darkness Before Dawn on FF.net and getting away with it. I'll link to the posts. The first one and the second one

January 9th, 2007

Oh hey chicks and hens i heard the bad news from pygmie73 (karen), does it look like it is the end of the road for us on hpana, i dont think they could really, because someone will start another thread and they cant stop them if they keep on topic. why did it get to the stage where the mods deleted it? i trust you peeps enough to keep on topic and stuff, and for what its worth each time ive sneaked a peak at your comments over the past several weeks its nothing but hhr, maybe the mods found 4 extra commas and a spare question mark in a post which drove them over the edge. anyone any decent explanation, any suggestions for a backup plan??
hhr rule


January 5th, 2007

Apparently HPANA decided to take the thread. The links are dead. I don't know all of the gory details, as it wasn't me who started this thread, I wasn't informed when they deleted it as neither was anyone else, save maybe Missy. If she wants to tell you what she knows of it, she can, at this point I'm peeved at them because we've been damned good about being on topic.

Also, I'm going to open up posting to everyone so that this can become a temporary home until we either decide to go back to HPANA (not that I will by this point) or make this permanent. And I'll be revamping the comm now that I have paid membership and can make this place look way nicer...

August 25th, 2006

general ramblings!

Ok, ladies and gents

Where is everyone? Are you all hiding from your computers out in the sunshine? *laughs* Oh well, things will really start cracking once the school year starts and people start procrastinating from doing their homework by posting online!

Meh, just wanted to tell people to hang in there, Jk will post on her site again, Pics from OOTP will start pouring in and we will be worked up in a frenzy for the last book! The HP world will restart once again! :)


July 31st, 2006


Okaie Dokie folks.....

Rumor has it there is going to be a Harmony convention in Atlanta, Georgia at the end of July next year. It supposed to have H/Hr merchandise and all the Harmony goodness we could want! For details visit the forums on HarmonyForever.com

Love ya all!

ALWAYS FAITHFUL.....................to H/Hr!

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